Hello, it's Newsboy from Recording Review

Hello, it's Newsboy from Recording Review


I just found this site and I’m glad to see a lot of familiar faces. I look forward to hearing your latest projects and discussion.


Welcome (back) David!


Great to have you aboard!! Glad you found us!

@ColdRoomStudio is the old fhumble fhingaz account. I think most everyone else kept the same names


Eh man. Welcome back :smiley:


Welcome back !


Welcome David! Glad to have you back in the fold. A large part of the old gang is still here…

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Pleased to meet you Newsboy (Attack-Puppy).

I’m Spiderman.

Welcome home :drums2::beerbang:


I’m probably not too familiar… joined RR just before it collapsed! Welcome aboard :beerbang:


Been working on any new music lately?