Hello its been a while!

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well?

Life is super busy for me currently as i’m doing a senior engineering role while trying to finish my masters degree , also have a 3 and 5yr old so there hasn’t been much time for music of late!

I will be starting to dust off the ol guitars and synths and try and work on my album again soon lol.

Does anyone on here reside in the Isle of Man?

Its been a while since i’ve logged in so hi to all the guys from RR and hope this site and shop going well for you holster

All the best



Good to have you back!

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Howdy Iain! Good to hear from you, and hope you and yours are safe and well.

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G’day Iain! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well - Have you’ve managed to avoid the Dreaded Lurgy-19?..or has it infiltrated your remote habitat too?

If so, I hope you’re also managing to avoid kamikaze motorcycle racers careening down your quaint cobblestone streets at frightening speeds! :scream:

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Actually in isolation now as got struck with the C19 new yers eve.
We are all recovering now so all good thanks.

TT has been canceled last two years because of covid, should be on this year fingers crossed.

All the best to you mate.

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Oh no - get well soon! Covid is ripping through Oz at present… We’ve managed to avoid it so far, but I doubt it will stay that way… Hope you’re finding some time to do some music!