Hello, hello

Hello, hello


Hello, I am Apo. I have been making music for more than 15 years. We had a music duo with my (now) wife mainly into DnB, Electronic/Pop music, with some local success. We have recently started our own vocal samples website and still pursuing our dream to do music full time :slight_smile:

Stumbled across IndieRecordingDepot through Google and hope to learn new thing and contribute to the community :slight_smile:



Heeeeey! What up???

Great to have you on here. Feel free to post your website or places we can take a look at your stuff. If thereโ€™s anything we can do to help you guys out with your site, or you have any questions about beatmaking/gear/music feel free to ask anytime :slight_smile:


Good to have you here. Hope you enjoy the forum. Lots of useful info that you can find in here!


Sweet, thank you very much for the warm welcome to both of you! I am already enjoying the forum and I think I will be staying around for a while.

Since thatโ€™s fine, I will post our website and also contribute with some free vocals. Hopefully there will be people who will enjoy that.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Welcome, Apo!


Welcome aboard Apo.


Glad to have you Apo! Hope you enjoy your time here. :slight_smile:


Welcome Apo. I look forward to reading you around.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Already enjoying my stay.


Hi We were just pickling beets yesterday. One fell and made an awful mess. I am the old guy here running on only 3 cylinders out of eight. ha ha Welcome to this very friendly and informative community.