Hello from ZA!

Hello from ZA!


Hey folks - old RR fan here from Johannesburg, South Africa. RR really helped me when I started recording my own work so now really happy to have found the promised land again - will be working hard to get to T1 so that I can get ideas from you guys on my mixes.

Will run over to Bash now…



Welcome (back), Tony!



Welcome. Glad you found us again.


Greetings Tony! Glad you found your way back here. Hope you have fun!

Please consider adding a map marker on our membership map, which got started back in the RR days. You can read about it here:



Thanks! Happy to be here!


Hey - I have done so - dropped the pin but can’t see it on the map yet - let me know if I was successful?!


Great to have you around/back @tolo! I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on lately! :beerbanger:


Thanks holster - will put something up soon. Really cool site - and great to hear all this new stuff!


Thanks a lot! It has been super fun getting this rolling and keeping the RR spirit alive and well. I’m currently putting together a new contest, so keep your eyes open for that!


Will do! Doing a great job - thanks from all of us…


Howdy and welcome! For my part, I’m a little sad I wasn’t around for the RR days - it sounds like quite the hangout. But I must say, IRD is pretty damn cool too! :sunglasses:


Yep! You done did it. :wink:


Greetings from Pennsylvania. :headphones: