Hello from Texas

Hello from Texas


How’s it going everyone? I’m a songwriter and producer based out of San Antonio. Stumbled on this site and defintely would love to become a part of it. Not much else to say.

Have a great night!


Awesome to have you aboard! Looking forward to hearing some of your work! Be sure to check out the contest we’re running right now!


Welcome i look forward to reading you around.


Howdy Stephen, and welcome! I’m over in Houston. Great to have you with us. What kinds of music do you like to listen to and/or produce? It’s a pretty good bunch around here, hope you have fun.

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Greetings from NE Pennsylvania!


Love Texas,
Currently reading this book, which has some of the funniest - and also some of the most interesting - writing I have come across ever…



Eh man! Good to have ya here!


Thanks everyone! Good to be here


Welcome, fellow Texan! I am in Magnolia myself. This is a special place when it comes to music. Very helpful. So much expertise and a healthy dose of crazy creativity and tolerance for amateurs like me😎


Welcome :slight_smile: Cool stuff goes on here


Welcome aboard. Glad you found us.