Hello from Tennessee

Just thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Ian and i’m just south of Nashville. Always excited to find a new community of people that enjoy mixing and recording music. Cheers everyone!

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Great to have you here! Make sure you check out the mix contest too. Looking forward to hearing some of your work!!


Hi Ian! Welcome friend.

I lived in Murfreesboro for a short while when I was doing an artist gig for a group on the Christian music scene and doing prep work for a tour in Europe! Great to see some of the Nashville crowd starting to meander through here. Make yourself at home :smiley:


Hi Ian
Welcome to our cool new forum!!

@irmcdermott Welcome to the community! Take a look around, if you need any help, just ask.

cheers from next door! (Virginia)

Welcome Ian! Hope you have fun with us. Cool to have someone from so near Nashville :slight_smile:

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My mix is already done, just need to get my post count up before I throw it up there :slight_smile:

Thanks! Been to the 'Boro many times!

Welcome Ian!


Welcome to the forum.

welcome ian, from iain .

rock on

haha. love it. thanks!