Hello from sunny SW Florida

Hello all, I am new to IRD, love the blogs and content. I have been a professional musician since 1974. I toured with our band from “77” to “82” playing original music. In the early “80’s” I started making remote recordings for local bands and others. This led to incorporation of a flight pack system that I flew all over the nation working with many artists in remote locations, practice and SIR rooms, barns, cabins, and remote television broadcasts, you name it. I began working in studios in 1987. In 1992 I began engineering at a studio called Avalanche Recording, I eventually took over the facility recording local and nationally known artists. I sold the facility in 2000 facing the ADAT revolution finding it hard to survive on mixing alone. In hind site my biggest mistake was letting the 2" JH24 go away. Since 2k I have gone back to remote recording and have been producing and engineering at Soundcheck Studios in Ft Myers. A great sounding room with a 35 year old analog Soundtracs 4400 console and an MCI JH24 2" machine! I use Studio one Pro in the box and love the new 3.5 update. I am semi-retired now working on original music and working with select clients.

If I have any advice for young engineers it is to carry on, do what you love, don’t take criticism badly, listen and learn. If you are lucky enough to be assisting, pay attention! One day you will be called on to fill in and you’ve got to be ready. Remember mixing is subjective within parameters, and to borrow from Ricky Nelson “if you can’t please anybody, you got to please yourself.” Believe in yourself and use this awesome platform to improve your skills and you will succeed.

Peace to you all and remember Music is Love.


Hi Dave Folks are really nice here. All sorts of things happening every day. Can’t wait to hear some of your “stuff”



Thank you, feaker. I have been watching the blogs for quite sometime now and find Indie Recording Depot to be full of great tips and music with great potential. I love the idea of posting a song in a “friendly” environment I have seen and heard some really good advice and kind bashing. I can’t wait to post some new music and have the advantage of tips and help from folks everywhere. What a great platform for musicians and engineers in all stages of their careers.

Welcome Dave. Thanks for the in-depth intro, it is always helpful for starting to put a “face” on a new member. I look forward to reading you around.

Welcome Dave - looking forward to listening to your music!

Hi there Dave,
Welcome! Great to have you here, I look forward to hearing more… :smile:

Amen! :bow:

Welcome Dave!

A very warm welcome from one Dave to another! Glad to have you here, and really enjoyed your intro. Looks like you are going to fit right in! Looking forward to interacting with ya.

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Hi Dave. The equipment list link on your website under the info tab isn’t working. Thought I’d let you know :smiley:

Hi Jonathan, which website are you speaking of, the Soundcheck site? Or do I have one linked to IRD?

Yup. Soundcheck.

I’m having our IT guy look into it , thanks Jonathan for the heads up!

BTW the web address just in case you may have gone to one of the many other Soundcheck sites is: soundcheckstudios.us

Nope. That was the one I went to :smiley:

Not picking on ya! Just trying to help.