Hello from Siberia!

My real name Andrey Gankovich, I’m guitar player, recording and doing mixes by myself, here is my page on sound cloud https://soundcloud.com/andrey_gankovich of course some of my tracks sounds crappy but all we know, that we need practice =)


Great to have you here! Feel free to ask tons of questions. We have lots of people here that are eager to help. I’ll check out your work too. You might also want to check out the mix contest we have going on right now. It’s an excellent way to practice and learn some valuable skills. Have fun!!


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Yep Crappy mixes are way better than nothing. I look forward to growing with you.

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Welcome aboard.

Welcome to IRD, Andrey!

Welcome comrade!

Welcome Andrey! Hope you have fun here!

hey Andrey buddy great to see you here I was just about to tell you of this place. some great people here!!

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Welcome @Skiman82 ! Grab a stool and tell us a damn story (or 5!) Ha! glad you made it.

Hi there Andrey,

Welcome… hey, some very cool sounds on your soundcloud pages

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Thanks a lot guys! It is nice to see few of my Facebook friends here!

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hey Andrey, welcome aboard

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Time to set up your new map app thingy.
It would be a good idea to closely track the whereabouts of all Siberians.

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Copy that David! I will try to get that done over the weekend. :map:

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