Hello from Maine, USA

Hello from Maine, USA

Here by way of the Manic Mix-Off but didn’t get done in time. I bought Boz’s Manic Compressor last year already anyway and it shows up on pretty much every mix I do. This looks like a great little corner of the web. Looking forward to doing some more exploring!

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Hi Mike,
Welcome! Great to have you here… :smile:


Welcome to the depot. Glad you found us.

@miked Welcome to the community! Jump on in.


Welcome Mike! Glad to have you with us. Hope you have fun!

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Welcome!! Feel free to put a mix of the song in “bash this recording” if you like! We’ll still check it out. It’d be cool to hear your work anyway

Already did that yesterday when I was poking around. :+1:

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Well that’s awesome! Well done!

Trying to figure out how to do that now and getting very impressed by all the talent on here…

Hey Hey!! So glad you’re sticking around even though the contest ended :smiley: Great to have you…and explore away!

OK, first (of many) stupid questions: to post my mix, I assume I need to create a thread in “Bash This Recording”? Are there instructions anywhere or do I just upload it? And it needs to be an MP3, yes?

Nothing stupid about questions!

Yep, create a topic/thread in the Bash This section. Then simply drag & drop your audio file into the edit box, or use the upload button about in the middle of the row of tool icons at the top of that box.

Most of us do post 320 kbps mp3 files, yes. Seems to be more than adequate for our purposes.