Hello from Louisiana

Hello from Louisiana

Hello all,

My name is Blake and I’m a singer/songwriter in Shreveport, LA whose primary focus is recording myself. While I still consider myself a noob I’ve been messing around with recording audio for the past 10 years off and on. Unfortunately the two times I’d amassed a decent arsenal of gear and set up a good space, life got in the way. Just now ordered a mic and interface to get back started.

I found this place via Brandon Drury’s recommendation on his site. I was a member of his Killer Home Recording forum many many moons ago and was sad to see he’d moved on. In his absence, like many I’ve spent hour upon hour reading Gearslutz threads, but the atmosphere seemed so hostile that I didn’t bother getting an account or asking questions. Much of the gear critique was helpful, I admit that much.

It’s my understanding this joint is different and highly supportive. I sure hope so, thanks for having me!

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Hey Blake! Welcome from a fellow grizzled RR veteran! (Note my “If it’s too loud, you’re too smart” RR T-Shirt in my avatar). Good to hear you’re getting back into recording👍

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Hi there and welcome,
I too go back to the days of Brandon and who-knows-what… :sunglasses:
Great to see you here.

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It’s always good to have new members here. Many of us have migrated here after the death of Brandon’s site, Recording Review.

Welcome aboard !

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BTW Blake, feel free to post some links to your music/music you’ve worked on. It’s always cool to hear new stuff.

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Welcome Blake! We’re very glad to have you. I first joined this bunch back on Brandon’s site as well, jeez was that almost seven years ago now…?! Oct 2013. Hope you have fun!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome Blake!
Greetings from the Netherlands.
You’re in the right place I guess. Like many others here I too am a singer songwriter who wants to be able to do it all​:sunglasses::drum::saxophone::trumpet: ( missing an emoji fir a mixing desk here) . It would be great to hear what you’re up to. By the way there’s a world map somewhere on this site where members can pin their location on. But it’s difficult to find. I’m sure Chordwainer is willing to show you the way if you want to see where everyone is hanging out.
See you around

Welcome Blake. I look forward to reading you around.

Thanks all for the warm welcome!

Here’s a link to a Beatles cover I recorded last time I was actively recording…it was quite a while ago. Sharing this because it’s my best mix , though I’m sure my noob status will be evident lol.

Listen to Rocky Raccoon (Beatles Cover) by The Wolf Neurotic on #SoundCloud


Hey man! Good to see ya.

I see you’re from Shreveport - There used to be a GIANT studio out there called ‘Blade Studios’. It was like a poster-child high end recording facility. Closed some time ago - was curious if you ever heard of it.

Good to have you!

Hi Jonathon. Yes, I remember Blade!

I never went or recorded there, but my ex-brother-in-law was in a band (The Seratones) that won a free album production there at Blade Studios through a contest called the Louisiana Music Prize. It was a really big deal and their album sounded great.

Wow! I’ve never heard anything that came out of there. Any chance you could post a song or two (or a link to it)?

It seemed like that venture was a pretty short-lived. Too bad, because the guy who designed it (Russ Berger) is a really well respected studio architect. Any idea what the facility is being used for now?

Sure, here’s a video of them! They played my wedding actually, was a cool break from the typical cover band.

Honestly, I don’t think I was even aware Blade Studios had moved out, I just knew I didn’t hear anything about it anymore…so I have no idea what the space is hosting now unfortunately.

Sidenote: I’ve actually performed repairs on that Hagstrom guitar lol…he bought it from a close friend of mine who is also an Audiophile.


Hey Blake, I really enjoyed your vocal tones. Some nice tremolo guitar there too. Cool - thanks for sharing!

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Diggin the Rocky Raccoon cover. You’ve got a really good voice! Really like the harmonies.

Sure, there are some technical things that we can no doubt help you with, but this is pretty good stuff. :slight_smile: Welcome again!

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