Hello from Indonesia!

Hello there, kinda new here, please be gentle… :smiley:

Know this forum from Boz Digital Labs subscribes…


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Welcome Uya!

Thanks, mate! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

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Welcome Uya! Nice to meet you and hope you have fun with us here. What kinds of music do you like to play and listen to?

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Thanks! I do like a lot of musics. From ethnic to experimental ones (other musics of course also in between). :beers:

Thankss, Jay! :beers:

Welcome @uyacipriano ! Thanks for joining our great audio community we have here. If you need any assistance, just ask. If you can offer help, dive right in!.

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Thanks! I’ll check around if I have something to ask, or can help… :beers:

Hey man :smiley: welcome!!

Thanks, man! :beers:

hello gengs, im listening :sunglasses:

Hahahahahahaha :beers:

Welcome! Great to have you here! Did you check out the mix contest yet? Looking forward to hearing your work. :thumbsup:

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Thanks, mate! Yes I already check the contest, and been working on it in. :beers:

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hey uya…nice to meet ya… Indonesian too here… which part u from?

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Hello! I’m in Jogja, Bro! Salam! :smile: :beers: