Hello from California!

Hey everybody!

A good friend asked me to join your group and of course i read a few posts before joining.
So here i am, guitars, keys, vocals and 30 years of professional live audio and camera operator!

So what should i do next?


Welcome Chris! Maybe tell us about the kind of music you’re doing, or want to do - goals, for fun or profit, war stories, etc. I’m sure the live audio stories could be extensive. Also the camera operation. So maybe you would do well with a YouTube video music channel?

With 30 years experience, I’m guessing you’re like a lot of us on here who are fairly … long in the tooth? :slightly_smiling_face: We’re getting wiser, not older. That’s what I tell myself. :sunglasses:


Welcome studio!!!
Glad to see you here in this beautiful music forum!
At this time, you are officially a member of IRD, and your first move is perfectly done.

Your next steps are to explore the different categories in the forum.
From my point of view, you might be drawn towards Recording, Mixing, and Producing.

My magnet, when I started is Bash This Recording, as I am focused on creating original compositions and also cover songs, and I needed some bashing on my creations.

“studio” is the man who is responsible for my current recording set-up, to include “hiding of my microphones”, which I really loved. WECOME, studio!!!


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Yeah, i have plenty of war stories concerning all that work stuff.
But my focus is getting music pushed forward on my to do list.

I’ve accumulated some gear over the past decades and recently got out of my funk phase of not writing lyrics. I dont know why i stopped way back when, but im glad i have that muse to do again!

So far have written 20 songs in just a few months since getting a note taking app. Its called Blacknote on the Android app store. It’s been an absolute godsend for me. I can jot down lyrics right before sleepy time!

So how do you folks normally present songs on this forum?

Do you have topics? Roundtables?
Or can you develop a section or folder for your specific songs or genre?


Thanks for the tip Rene.
I’ll have to find my way around but it’ll be fun.

Need to post some songs right?
Is it okay if they’re not finished, polished product yet?

How about a journey into the development of a song?
Is that doable too, or is that just too boring of a process?

Let me know. Thanks.

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Hi studio,
Anything goes.
And the actual process, and development of a creation is probably a good route as people can also learn from it. And the good part, is that, there is a lot of experience and musical expertise in the forum that could color the journey of your creation.

Definitely, not boring, and surely, it will be fun!!!

Go explore and discover, my friend!!!


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Hey Christoper! Just saw this thread. Welcome!

What part of California are you in? I’m just now switching jobs - was working for a company in Mountain View for the last year and a half… leaving Silicon Valley for Boston on the first of the month.

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Welcome aboard ! Glad you found us.

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Hey, welcome. I am the oldest at 73. There are only a few us putting out recently made songs.
The setup you did for Rene is better than anything I have ever heard before. Coupled with that sweet voice of his and playing ability, he has become somewhat of a star here. Anxious to hear your stuff.

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That’s a good step, collecting lyrics, and being in the habit of writing them!

As Rene pointed out, the Category for posting songs is “Bash This Recording”. Go there and click the “plus” sign icon (white in a blue circle) to start a new “thread” (aka “topic”). Your first post of that thread is called the “OP” (original post), and then many posts from you and others can accrue to populate the thread.

Each thread stands on its own, there’s no way to make a ‘collection’ really. You can post a song at any stage of development. The “Bash” process is very open-ended too, some folks may critique it (“low end is too tubby”) and others may make production suggestions to improve the song/mix. It’s usually best to keep posting updates of the song/mix in the OP, and then create a new post to let us know it’s there and what you did. The audio tracks should post in the OP in chronological sequence. It’s also helpful to name your track uploads (“up arrow” in the Edit toolbar) sequentially; i.e. “Song Mix 1”, “Song Mix 2”, “Song Mix 3”, etc.

Your song post can be an idea, a demo, a finished song, or simply an instrument track or vocal you want feedback on. Anything “recording” is fair game. The journey of song development can be fun too. You may find this thread helpful in terms of what is possible in your song journey:

Paul (“feaker”) has multiple song versions in his OP, as I was describing, and along the way there was a collaboration (‘collab’) developing that he incorporated into the song as two us gave him ideas to use. You can see that the thread went for over a month with frequent updates.

Just start posting and we’ll give you tips and tricks along the way. Looking forward to hearing your stuff!


I’ll post some stuff soon.
Right now i just got finished rearranging everything except music!

Hung a ceiling fan, moved furniture, mowed the front lawn…


Well, you’re clearly “motivated”. The thing about motivation is … whatever direction you point yourself in, that’s where the energy goes. Sometimes, getting essential mundane tasks out of the way opens up space for the creative juices … as long as you have some energy left over for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay. See you all on the other side.

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Hi Christopher, hello back from Brisbane, Australia, & welcome to IRD! Looking forward to hearing your music!

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Welcome! And greetings from Pennsylvania!

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Hey studio! I am merely 69, but I’m catching up with Paul in the age department. Knowing and helping Rene in real life is wonderful to hear, so I will be looking forward to all your participation.


So great to have you here! Looking forward to hearing your work and seeing what you’re up to :slight_smile:
Welcome :beerbanger: