Hello fellow Indiens

And a very good year too.
Like so many here I migrated from RR. Uploading didn’t work there when I last tried, so a fresh start is a good idea. I still don’t really know what “indie” is supposed to mean. And the question that really keeps me awake: is a frequenter of an indie site an Indien?

I just wrote a long intro about myself on my homepage or whatever it’s called. So I won’t repeat it all here. I come from and live in the Netherlands. Check me out!

Can’t wait to post my first recording: I’ ve been working on it throughout Christmas.


Welcome Aef! Glad you made it over here. I like the “Indien” tag! Looking forward to hearing your stuff. :notes:

Hi Chordwainer,
I will. On RR you might have known me by Eef. Both are short for Evert. In my language (Dutch) the E in Evert is pronounced Ae, hence the change:slight_smile:

Welcome @Aef ! Glad you made. Please share with us how your experiences are shaping your music!

Yes we smoke with pipes and make fires all day long! Welcome!

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Nice biography you wrote on your profil page!

Thanks Holster,
I should have looked it up myself, but this makes things a lot clearer. My association with indie was a certain type of music from the 90’s, but the term tends to be used for all sorts. This definition brings it back to where it belongs, and a term which has been rightfully claimed by home recording musicians!
Proud to be an Indien!:man_with_turban:

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I thought that might be the case, but didn’t want to assume… welcome again!

And I just can’t resist posting this epic song from the mighty John Hiatt:

Can’t wait to hear it.

Hey @Aef - fellow Nederlander (although I’m actually English) saying “hoi!” - looking forward to hear your first recording

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lols. I have it understood that indie stands for independent labels… yet down here in Panama it’s turned into an acoustic type genre which has also made me tumble in bed when I start pondering over what it’s supposed to mean also…

Anyhow, this seems like a nice place and good people. Looking forward to the contest entries and getting to meet all and share!!

nice to meet ya,

Looks like there will be some fun here :smiley:

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