Hello everyone!

I hate to create a topic about my introduction, but for the moment, I’ll pretend to be that important :wink: I’m Brian Auer, guitar guru of a tiny hidden valley in Oregon. Just wanted to introduce myself before I start randomly chiming in on these topics! Lots of interesting stuff to read and participate in. Looking forward to chatting with you all.



About time you show up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you download the tracks for the mix contest yet?

@theauermethod Welcome Brian!

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Welcome Brian!

I think it’s not about creating a topic, you could think of it like coming to a party and introducing yourself. It’s kind of a natural thing to do isn’t it?

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Welcome, Brian!

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@theauermethod, I cannot help but sound intoxicated saying your username!

Get the hell on in here , help out where you can!

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@cptfiasco, you ARE intoxicated dude! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha, yea, and I was just worried it would make a funny email address! Intoxication is appropriate this time of year though.

Thanks Holster! No, I did not…Was about to and then screaming kids and puppies got in the way :stuck_out_tongue: I will do that ASAP.

Well, the word “think” would be a strong factor in that perspective :wink: That;s the dangerous thing about social media platforms that ask what’s on my mind. Happy to join the party!

Wow. A self-proclaimed Guru.
No ego here then?

Totally…I’m an egomaniac! In fact, I almost added virtuoso master guitar legend infamous spiritual godlike entity…but, thought that would be coming on too strong :open_mouth:

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Ouch. Broken strings.

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Welcome Brian! I believe there is longstanding precedent for having an intro thread… :wink:

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In Brian’s defence, he did say the domain of his guru-ism was very limited… Just as I like to consider myself “the best guitarist / audio engineer”…in my house :wink:


I always say that I’m the best music guy in the room (making sure that I’m the only music guy in the room of course). :nerd:


Just dropping by to say HI Brian… Welcome to this new cool place…

@theauermethod, @Emma is our resident vocal guru :+1:

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guru… now what a strange word that is… one of those ones that if you stare at it enough you can’t believe that is really is a word…


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