Hello, everybody! It's wonderful to find you all here!

Hello, everybody! It's wonderful to find you all here!

I was at RR on and off, so I know some of you. And also at Audiopolis, which has been fading for some time and now seems to be faded away, which is sad, how all that content and contact is lost so fast.

I am a hobbyist singer/songwriter/midi musician who is turning 65 this November who is no expert mixer or performer or arranger, but I’ve produced a lot of music over the years, the best with help from talented collaborators like Ingo actually, but the vast majority alone. Frankly, most of my songs have critical production errors, but sometimes they have their moments.

In my latest news, I won along with shankarji, whom you may know from AR or GarageBand before that, BEST SONG IN REGGAE in the 2017 Hollywood Songwriting Contest for Waiting for What? This is our first contest winner, so we are kind of thrilled about that, even if we know little about the contest. Still, winning is cool!

In the age old battle between the song and the production, I’ve always been a vocal defender of the song, and I still am. However, I fully recognize the importance of the presentation and performance as strangers (and even friends and family) may not give your song its fair chance if you don’t clean it up enough. I have to say WfW is one of my best produced songs, and even though I think the song itself is pretty good, it was the production that won the award.

So now my advice is try to write good songs as good as you can, including lyrics and music, and try to record and mix it as good as you can. And if you have help, try to take advantage of it and see what you can do you just couldn’t on your own. And I firmly believe a place like here is inspirational to us all, not exclusively by any means, but in a positive way. Perhaps we are ripping each other off for cool ideas, but isn’t that what being influenced is?


Welcome @steban Steve! Good to hear from you again.

Welcome (back) Steve! Great to have you here. Congrats on the contest win! That is very cool indeed. Looking forward to interacting in the group here.

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Hey Steban, welcome back to IRD/RR and congratulations on your contest win, that’s very cool! “Waiting for What” is a great song, I’m very impressed. You definitely need to share this song and your contest win with Ailwyn and the Audiopolis folks, I know we’re all happy to see your unique talent get some recognition!

I also hope you will post or at least link to it here so that the good people here at IRD can enjoy it too.

Congrats on the win and WELCOME! Super cool to have you here! If there are any folks over at the Audiopolis site, feel free to invite them over here. We’d love to have them!

Your comments are too kind, Ingo!

Here is the lyric link and the song link in Google Docs to Waiting for What?

I will certainly invite everyone I can from AR to IRD, holster. I’m enjoying browsing through the forum and occasionally commenting. For me, it’s a comfortable and manageable way to read about and discuss obtuse musical things etc. So far it’s been a smooth experience.

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Hey Steve, you can really easily post things here using the built-in player. Simply drag and drop your mp3 into the edit window where you type messages. It will go wherever your cursor is when you do that. Really slick! You can do that with other file types as well, such as images and other things. Makes sharing stuff here super easy.

Hi Steve. glad I found out about this place. Very cool here. Glad you are here:)



I can tell that we’ll get along smashingly. I love you.


Glad you found us.

Yo! Glad you dropped in :smiley: Good to hear from you again.

Welcome! I’m pretty new here myself and I’m glad to see you!