Hello community, joined!

Nice to meet you all! I’m a home musician who first attempted to mix my own stuff about 2 years ago. After reading extensively on the subject, watching large amount of tutorials, and mixing multitracks found online, I must say I love mixing. Maybe even more than writing music…

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Cosmicsea welcome! You might be here for our “manic mix-off” , read the rules here:

Join the community too, by looking through the catagories and tell us about your experiences !

Welcome @CosmicSea! Hope you enjoy it here, and do stick around for other stuff besides the comp. :slight_smile:

Welcome!! great to have you here! Looking forward to hearing some of your work :thumbsup:

Thx guys, yes I joined because of the comp, but I will stick around for sure!


Hey man :smiley: Good to have you. Please do stay around!

Hi there and welcome!

Welcome Cosmic! Hope you find this to be a community that furthers your musical goals!