Hello children, glad to see you're all alive and well :)

Hello children, glad to see you're all alive and well :)


My name is Zsolt, kinda weird I know (it’s Hungarian) and I migrated from RR just like many of you guys. Happy to see this thing is alive and continuing the legacy :slight_smile: Sending you some love from freezing Serbia. :smile:


Welcome Zsolt - from a wet and windy Ireland!



Welcome aboard.


@VirtechStudios Welcome back home. Glad you have made the journey.


Thanks guys, it s been a long time. Hope to have some amazing times again on here with the gang :smile:


Hey, we had a guy called Zsolt, I think he was Russian? He used to do our IT at work. It’s a cool name!


Ha! Thanks Cirrus, definitely not a Russian name, but then again, who knows, your Zsolt might have just been born and raised in mother Russia, just as I was in Serbia, still that doesn’t make me a Serb. :slight_smile: Zsolt actually means “yellow”, and my last name is Virag, which in Hungarian means “flower”. So you get the idea what I’m called when you translate it to English. Not so cool anymore, eh? :slight_smile: My parents most of been hippies :slight_smile:


I do not know you very well, but you are the most badass yellow flower I ever met!


Hahahahah @cptfiasco you win the internet for today :slight_smile:


Welcome Zsolt! Glad you made it over here. The good vibes from RR have made it over here pretty much intact, it would seem, thanks to the efforts of Bryan @holster and his team. Hope you have fun!

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The good vibes are strong I can tell already. Thank you for making me feel right back at home :slight_smile:


Welcome Zsolt. I look forward to reading you around again. I have been enjoying the new found energy for making music on this site and I hope you will as well.


Thank you redworks :slight_smile: The force is still strong with all of us around :slight_smile: Here s to reading you around :beerbang:


Super cool to have you here! Welcome!!


Right back at you holster :slight_smile:


Welcome Zsolt! Try to stay warm. :sun_with_face:


Keepin it warm @Stan_Halen Glad to be back with the gang :slight_smile:


Cool, welcome back!!


Thanks ncls, I feel right back at home already :slight_smile: