Hello and Happy New Year!

Hi, my name’s Sam and I’m happy to be over here at the Indie Recording Depot! I think I’m like many here in that I am a big fan of Recording Review, and I’m glad to see so many folks from there on here. I posted over at RR very infrequently, but I was an avid reader of both the articles and the forum and learned a lot from the site – thanks to all who have contributed content over there throughout the years. I also enjoyed participating in several mixing competitions on RR, and it is because of the Manic Mix-Off that I find myself here!

Anyway, I’m a NYC-based engineer, mixer and sometimes producer (Astoria, Queens, specifically) trying to leverage a very serious hobby into more of a full business at the moment. I’m looking forward to getting enough “cred” around here to post my entry in the mix-off – it is finished and ready to go! Hopefully I’ll have something of value to offer you all as I try to get involved with the discussions around here.



Welcome Sam! Glad you made the transition. Hope to see you in lots of threads!

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Welcome Sam! Glad to have you here!

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Happy New Year, and welcome Sam!

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Do you mind if I move this to a new topic for discussion? @samkshaw this is great stuff to chew on!

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Sure – sounds great!

It would be nice for folks to talk about their various communities and the strengths and weaknesses they see when they are making music within them! I am very curious about scenes in other cities…


Welcome Sam! Good to have you here!

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