Hello and happy new year from New York

Hey everyone, my name is Ricardo, brazilian sound engineer living in NYC. I run sound for Stomp here in the city, and also record/mix music and voice-over in my home studio. Gonna enter this mix competition, sounds like fun, good luck to everyone and happy new year!


Welcome!! Great to have you here! Have fun with the mix competition and let us know if you have any questions. Happy new year!!

Welcome Rick! Come on in and look around. Here are the rules for the mix comp,

Read theough them and have fun with this contest and give us any feedback you may have. If you need help , shout out by typing @cptfiasco…good luck!

Thanx guys!! Also, I play guitar and bass, and I just posted on the colaborate session links to 2 of my songs that need a singer. Please feel free to take a look if you’re interested!


Hi Rick!! Great to have you joining us! :smiley: Thanks so much for the intro! Looking forward to hearing your mixes too :smiley:

So New YOIK made it to 2017. Amazing. Welcome.

Welcome Rick! Looking forward to hearing about your activities. Happy new year!

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Hi and welcome Rick!