Hello (again) from France

Found my way here from RR.
Started off as a fairly regular posted before turning into a lurker the past couple of years or so.
Now living and playing music in France!

Happy to have found it all back again…

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Welcome (back) Ramshackles!

Welcome back ramshackles! A good many of us from RR transferred over to here, very glad you followed. Hope you enjoy!

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Pin added!

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Hey Man. Glad to have you back!

Welcome Ramshackles, greetings from United States!

Hi there ramshackles, long time no hear… :slight_smile:
Are you still making your lovely music??


Je crois que vous êtes déjà génial! Bienvenue!

Welcome back! Great to have you around! I hope you won’t just be a lurker here. What’ve you been working on lately?

Merci…mais mon Francais est tres mal :smiley:

Welcome, I look forward to reading you around.

@Emma @holster
Still making music, but in the past couple of years been playing live more than recording. And in the past six months what with trying to move to France we have done very little! What stuff we have recorded has been minimal, like this:

Planning to get started on recording something to support gigging in France as soon as my arm gets better!
Looking more into producing youtube performances or putting stuff on patreon than any kind of coherent album/ep. Cause we are so modern :stuck_out_tongue: