Heavy metal/ hardcore singer needed

Heavy metal/ hardcore singer needed


Hey there everyone! Looking for singers who like heavy and fast stuff. I have these 2 songs that are in need of lyrics and a singer. If anyone is interested, here’s the link:



I’m curious to he who steps up on this one. Sounds like it has some potential! :thumbsup:


Sorry not my style and not within my range of ability. i too am curious to see who stands up. Maybe @Emma?


I’m really digging these tunes the first one i hear halloween vocals the secound is more along the lines of a savatage sound!


@Emma ! She is always exploring new things.


I rather like the hardcore sounds with an almost operatic vox… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

but having just finished a collaboration where I did the words etc… I’m keen to just focus on my own crazy projects for a little while now… :slight_smile:


I’m just replying to bring this back to the surface for the new folks :wink:


any particular singers ot styles you want to aim for?

subject material for the lyrics?




Hey dude!!! Nothing in particular, just nothing about love and peace or anything like that, hahahaha. I would like some anger in the vocals, but not to the point that it’s just screaming and you can’t understand the lyrics. Something in the line of Exodus and Testament. Thanks!!!


You still looking for somebody? I’ll step up to the plate. Send me the tracks separated.


If you don’t hear back from him (it was 8 months ago) or get the separate tracks, you can use the stereo track and do your vocals then mix them in as best you can and try to get them to sit in the mix. He may want to hear a quick audition anyway to see if it’s what he’s looking for, if he’s still looking at this point …

[while he hasn’t enable download of his SC tracks, there are … ahem … ways to capture audio stream :wink:]


That’s a good idea! Then at the very least, it’s good practice for you!