Heart Peripheral Remix

Here’s a change of pace. This is a remix of a song on the Cambridge-MT site. (I did it with with my son - he’s all the synthy parts. :slight_smile: ) It’s a remix of Heart Peripheral by AM Contra. Tracks and original version can be found here. https://cambridge-mt.com/ms/mtk/#AMContra

If you DO listen to the original, you can hear this version is quite different. We went for a “lo-fi chill” remix. :sunglasses:

Well, I do really like the original song and mix found on the great Cambridge-MT library, so I was very curious to listen to a remix on this (and not another mix).

I really like the overall mood, tempo change, song/arrangement choices and I found it works really well to me.
The final solo is another great idea to me!
I do enjoy those 4 minutes of music and it has it own fingerprint which isn’t easy while remixing song.
Congrats for all this great stuff, and for both of you!

Mixing-wise, I only find the low-mid frequency area a bit burried and maybe a little cut on these would help :confused:
Remixing-wise, I might play with some ping-pong delays on vocal to add some point of interests, like some strong cuts and glitches to create some more obvious transitions.

By the way, it is a very pleasant piece of music to me. Now, I am very curious to listened to another work from your duo (expectation? maybe)

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Hi Phil, thanks for the listen and comments! I suppose that’s one good thing about Covid - it’s an opportunity to spend more time with my 2 teenagers. If the world were still “normal”, they’d be hanging out with friends, working, going to school, and avoiding their parents. :slight_smile:

I’m not certain what you mean by this comment? It seems contradictory. (?)

Good suggestions!

We did a remix of one of Cristina’s songs - “Moment of Weakness” on here a while ago that I never really quite finished, but it’s here somewhere. We also did this one few years ago now…

That’s a great recasting of the original @miked , totally different vibe and you didn’t change the tempo right? Very creative vision and sweet and mellow arrangement, minimal but very effective. You don’t have to add more bass but I think it could be a good addition, it’s a little bit empty down there as is. AM Contra should hire you guys!

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Thanks Ingo! We actually did slow it down a bit - from 136 to 118 I think. On listening again after a long break, I’m hearing the missing low end you guys are pointing out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

As the song ended, they may spend more time with their parents…

You’re totally right, I mixed ideas and words. I meant I found the mix a bit muddy but I couldn’t write it down yesterday :confused:

I had in mind what Andrew Huang is able to do (for instance).

Yep, from my POV, it still needs some production to avoid the loopy feeling I have on this one.
Mixing-wise, it stills is spot on to me, good work as well!

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Thanks for this! I’ve run across his videos before. I definitely check it out.

Thanks! I do want to get back to that one at some point!

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