Heart of my home town MIX

Bit of country rock

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Another solid mix Alan. Only thing for me is that the kick feels too thumpy (needs more snap) and is too forward in the mix. Too dominant.

BTW, I’m loving these pieces you’re mixing. The songs are great. Catchy and well done. Is this stuff you’re doing for clients? Are they downloads? Any of them originals?

I’m really liking yer mixes, but also the songs themselves. Just curious.:slight_smile:

Good stuff.

Man you’re crushing the mixes I’ve listened to! Really good work!

@Tesgin covered the only thing I was going to mention (the kick) so I won’t go into it.

Thanks for sharing!


Most of the mixes i do come from mix forums etc,most of the songs are original tracks from the bands themselves .I dont mix for clients its just a hobby more than anything .

Cheers for the feedback,glad your liking my mixes

Kick down

ahh, jeez you are just clipping the crap out of everything, I cant process those clipped digital signals, just turn it down by at least 6dB. Green is good, Red is Bad.

i didn’t realize that i dont know why that is clipping like that my mix certainly wasn’t like that,The first one isn’t

This is better

TAKKA, it sounds to me like you are mixing on mid scooped monitors, I use adam a7, they sound kinda like yamaha ns10’s, they both give you brutally honest midrange, jbl 7" or 8" maybe something that is similar and currently in production, but right now your monitors are probably hiding a lot of midrange stuff from you,

…this makes me think you have totally the right mindset, but the wrong monitoring balance.

You could be right its not my room as its fully treated but im only using cheap Eris 5s so maybe time for some other monitors .Be interested on others thoughts on it

maybe try cans, mine are akg k240 - kinda dull and ordinary but really useful.

I do sometimes, i use AKG 701s

dunno if this is helpful but your mixes sound rather like NS10s do, very forward and like you mixed it in a pretty dead room. Your balances are good, but either your levels generally are just really high or there is something else that is getting in the way.

701’s are pretty high end, I usually prefer dull and flat cans myself so I generally make a better job on the sub $100 version, for what that is worth (lucky me) :slight_smile: Im wondering if a monitor like an NS10 with its brutal midrange may suit your mixing style / taste and translate a little better. Obviously, they would require a decent amp like a Bryston, as ridiculous as that sounds… :wink:

Just throwing this out there, hope it helps.

edit. just remembered these

and this

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Love my 701s when i mix with them i also use can opener and morft.
Some of my mixes on here would have been done with them but cant remember what mixes

no clue what that is…

Morpit is the same as sonarworx and can opener is a plug that gives crosstalk on headphones.Like the new waves Abbey road headphone plugin

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