Hear the magic

Seriously is it possible they have got the 1’s and 0’s lined up just right this time to produce magic. Who are they selling this to. That just makes me think it is a piece of (^(&&^^&)(%%&^#$&^%%^$%^&^%&^.

Oh and how do you hear magic???

Hey has anybody checked out waves new plugin. The answer to making your next album sound like pink floyd’s dark side of the moon, if you happen to be pink floyd and have traveled back to 1972.

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this one didn’t quite excite me like some of their other abbey road plugins. I like the plates, the chamber is ok, and I have the tape and vinyl, which I’m happy with. I just can’t bring myself to get excited about another eq and compressor.

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Yeah i know. But even if it is great I don’t want to try it because they said it is magic.

I want it just cos it looks cool and vibey. Ive decided Im only buying stuff that makes my studio look good. The sonics are so close, nobody can tell the difference or really cares.

I was swayed by the omni channel last week, but now the demo ran out, it just doesnt look cool enough to make me want to hand over the cash.



Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think that Waves is simply repackaging plugins they have already made with a new UI and sending it to the marketing department. Or rather, marketing is coming up with UIs for the dev team to call a “new” plugin… Regardless, wait a month and it will be $29… (or less!) :grin:

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Damn… couldn’t wait any longer.

Paid $30.14