Headworn Vocal + Instrument Condenser Mic

Anyone have any experience with headworn supercardioids?

I don’t, but was wondering if you are looking to use it for recording or just live performances ?

I’ve used them in live situations. They are great for someone moving around stage. I don’t think I’d ever really consider using them in a studio setting, although I’m sure you could use it and get results that sound perfectly fine. You just have a lot less control over mic placement. If you don’t need/want that control, or the mic placement just happens to be the one you specifically want, then it could probably be great and open up the possibility of not standing still while doing vocal takes.

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I want to use it to record flute where the mic isnt clipped on to the flute. Clip on mics record too much rattle and clicks. I like to move while playing so mic placement is a nightmare. I was wondering if these can be used to record woodwinds because the mic will move with the head while keeping the same distance to the mouthpiece.


oh, that might be a pretty good solution to that. Is it normal to mic a flute that close? Or do you just use that for your spot mic and have other mics farther away where movement doesn’t matter as much?

The biggest issue with small mics is noise, but if you are micing that close, then it should be a non-issue.

yes, flute mics normally sit near the mouthpiece or above the tone holes using overhead mic. Though they are also mic’ed further away for an ambient sound, its not ideal to do that. The best practice is to mic it as close to the tone holes as possible. I will try this setup out for sure. I think it could work well.

Problem with clip on flute mic is that its too close and records more than it needs to, the rattles and clicks, I wanted a solution where the mic is close enough and moves with my head.

I wear a Shure Beta 53 at work for Slack, Google, and Zoom meetings at work. I’ve never tried to sing into it though!!

Funny story… I bought it 15 years ago from a backline company in Ohio. The owner told me it had been on the road with Brittany Spears for 2 months… though it was probably worn by one of her backup dancers or something.

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ewe, nasty. Did you replace the ear pads?

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Haaaaa! There’s not much to replace. I did scrub it down a good bit :stuck_out_tongue: