Have a webdesign/graphic arts questions

Have a webdesign/graphic arts questions


Hey guys, I’m working on getting an user interactive 3d model of the control room and voiceover room built for the website. The guy said he could deliver the final as a .fbx file. Do any of you guys who work in GCI or graphics arts know if these can be embedded in website browser?

The guy wants $400 but says he’s willing to model the gear on the machine rack, NI controller, Focals, and console somewhat accurately. Thoughts on this price?

Here’s an example.


you can use a .fbx in either unity or UE4 and create basically what you have in your example or however you want to move around in that space. If the guy does a decent job i would say that $400 is a bit of a steal. it really depends on the end quality. It would be nice if he did the work with getting to work as a html 5 product or unity web app. so that you don’t have to do that fiddling. That could be a bit of a pain depending on your experience and the quality of the .fbx file. That is my take on it. i am interested to read what others think.


Techbear just replied and said there were plugins they can use to port the .fbx file over to whatever they’re using to build the site with. They wanted to get it away form SketchFab though and stream it natively from my own chunk of space on their servers. Makes sense. I’m sure they’ll get it to work…the ability to run games not using Unity GL and to host 3d models on this site was the whole reason I went with this company. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get designed then have to get re-designed!

I think so too. I don’t even want to try and imagine the work its gonna take to do a half-decent model of that mixing console. He asked for detailed descriptions and make/model of everything in the rack, which was a good thing. And he said he would need measurements of the sound treatment, the windows…that he would need to know exactly where the doors are etc…he seemed genuinely interested in the job.


cool so you are all good to go. now i just think it is a case of seeing how good this guy is.


$400 seems super low, especially if he can do a good job.


Good deal. I’m gonna go for it. I asked him if he would take 1/2 to get started and the other upon proof of completion. Should be good to go. I think this will really add a lot to the site.


AWWWWWWWW! These would be so amazing for a virtual studio tour!!


Maschine 1

Yamaha M7CL



I can’t find one of the system 5. Shit.


Looks like you were able to embed that example on this webpage. If you get the same thing, it should work on yours too right?

And I agree with others that $400 seems low because it will probably take a ton of time to do. But who knows maybe they have a lot of assets already built up in their personal library and know how to work quickly. I’d love to see how it turns out!