Harrison's AVA Mastering EQ FREE

FREE for limited time (until Jan 15)

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This was promoted 6-12 months ago, and while I did quite like the EQ plugin, there’s the typical registration and headaches associated with making it work. Once I got it installed, I could use it in Harrison Mixbus and also Reaper (IIRC). If you don’t already have Mixbus or a Harrison login, you might have even more steps. That said, it’s nice but not a big game changer IMO. Fun to explore a new interface/GUI and a few options, but do you really need another plugin? These things are coming a mile a minute now. Thanks Mike for posting, and I don’t mean to dissuade anyone, it’s a nice plugin, but I’m a bit over trying new stuff for the sake of trying. If that’s your thing, you might have a blast with it.

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Thanks for the input. I haven’t even tried installing it yet, and have plenty of decent EQs as you said. But if it doesn’t offer anything new or WOW me into wanting to try it, I’m likely not even going to install it myself. Still, it could be handy for someone needing an EQ. Honestly, with Melda’s MEQ and TDR’s Nova (dynamic EQ) and tons of other decent FREE ones, this might be a hard sell…

Now if it has a good sounding saturation which Harrison is supposedly known for, that might be another thing, which is why I was sort of interested. :slight_smile:

You pretty much can’t go wrong since it’s free, there’s just the installation stuff and learning a new tool - time investment. And it’s specifically for Mastering, so keep that in mind. It can be used for other things of course. The free version has no presets, so there’s that. The EQ curve shaping was the most interesting thing about it IMO. The GUI gives your mouse moves this fluid sculpting gel-like response, so you don’t have to combine multiple EQ filters to get unusual shapes. In fact, there are very few controls so the mouse sculpting is about all you have, other than a few GUI tweaks. And the RTA only goes down to -14dB (-4 is default), so it’s clearly for high peak and RMS levels like in Mastering.

Oh, I meant to address this too. I don’t think this one has any saturation, probably because you likely wouldn’t want that on a Mastering EQ. I would assume it’s as transparent as possible.

The manual might give you a better idea (see attached), and it has pretty pictures that my descriptions don’t do justice to. The free version may not have all the features in the manual though. I don’t seem to have the “Ear” icon (momentary bypass), and there may be some other features missing on the free one as well. Now that I’m looking, I’ll have to check this out further, per my comments above:

Below -15dB, the spectrum scale is extended to quickly reach -60dB at the bottom of the graph.This allows you to see signal that wouldn’t otherwise be visible within the EQ’s range.

Harrison AVA Mastering EQ.pdf (1.3 MB)

Ha! Evidently it’s been a freebie before because I downloaded it in Oct 2019 already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See, you have so many plugins you can’t keep up with them. :grin: I do too though, it’s the dreaded G.A.S. I probably got mine at that time too, though I did remember that I had got it. Just haven’t used it very much.