Harrison Consoles Mastering EQ free

In my quest to amass the largest number of plugins that I most probably won’t use, I will add Harrison Consoles free (for a limited time) Mastering EQ to a huge growing list of plugins I seem to own…



Thanks! I downloaded a couple of their “FREE” plugins a month ago and then realized that they are proprietary to the Harrison DAW. It looks like this one isn’t though. I’m curious to hear it. Maybe this will be THE EQ to end all EQs? :wink:

Thanks! I have Mixbus 3 and I’ll try it out. It looks like it’s in several formats though including VST and can be used in any DAW. I guess the license goes at the user root folder like their DAW license does? I don’t really see any documentation with this thing.

EDIT: They sent me an email with plugin info and indeed the license goes in the user’s HOME folder.

I have it.I cant get on with it

This is a really interesting plugin. Overall I like it, but learning to use it is a bit like herding cats. AFAIK you can only draw the EQ curves with your mouse (except the HP/LP sliders) and the way it works is really “fluid”. It’s really cool, but really funky at the same time. I’d say it’s definitely a RTFM plugin and put in some practice with it.

A downside with the install is you can’t choose your plugin directory for VST2, so you may have to move the plugins after install if you have custom paths. Also, it’s a package of 4 plugins including a MBC, De-Esser, and another EQ … but you only get a license for the Mastering EQ. So the others are demo only unless you want to buy them (or delete them).

For anyone curious, this gives you an idea what to expect.

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