Happy-sounding instrumental metal

Happy-sounding instrumental metal


Hi all. Back with a new instrumental. This time it is pretty happy sounding, although it gets a bit more evil towards the end. :smiling_imp: Do you guys think the song ends too soon, should I add a bit more at the end? As always, I appreciate comments on any aspect. Cheers!



cant speak to the sound quality because I listened on my laptop early this morning b4 work.

playing is great

as far as the composition, I was left a bit with the feeling that i dont know what the main theme of the song was. It seemed more like the whole thing was a rhythm jam waiting for a defining melody.

compare to a joe Satriani song where you walk away humming some memorable theme

nice playing though!

peace, JJ


The sound is pretty good to me. I agree with Jon it has some Satriani-like qualities, but a bit more jazz-rock fusion maybe? It even has some movie soundtrack qualities in terms of moving action and changing themes. Is this something you plan to put on an album or EP?


Sounds good, but I agree with others that it needs more. It also sounds a bit muddy to me. The clean guitars seem a bit dull and the drums seem to be pretty dull too. I can barely hear the cymbals. Nice guitar solo.


I’m not sure if that drum sound is the best for the song. Specially the kick drum, sounds to “metal” to me, all click no low end…


Thanks for the feedback guys. Most comments mentioned that the song needs more, which I agree. I have written some more lead parts over the chorus, just haven’t had the time to record and mix it. So probably going to post an updated version during this weekend.

I wasn’t going for Satriani-esque instrumentals (I suck at writing catchy melodies), I actually intend the intro riff to be the main theme.

Yes. I am planning an instrumental EP where the songs are more riff-based. I probably end up with incoherent mess of an EP lol. Anyways I’m just doing this for fun :grinning:

I will try to do something about this, and thanks for the compliment @Chandler