Handmade guitars

Handmade guitars


A while ago i posted a bash this that involved two guitars made by my buddy. here is a video we did of one of them being played.


:heart_eyes: The guitar AND the playing! :heart_eyes:


Yeah i finally caved and bought one of his creations because well as he says “live is too short to play a shitty guitar” . Actually I played it once and six months later i was still remembering that and decided I might as well fork out the cash and enjoy.


how did you mic that during the video? I don’t see any mics, it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a camera mic, and it doesn’t look like it’s dubbed because the timing is too on. If it’s a pickup, it’s a good sounding one.


it was a zoom sitting on the foot rest in front of him.


Great job on the video and that looks (and sounds) like a stellar guitar. Killer! :beerbanger:


Thanks. it is indeed a beauty.


By the way the guitar on the front left is the one that i bought off of him.


Damn, very nice playing. The sound and intonation sounds great on that acoustic guitar that your buddy made.