Hammer Down Please Bash

Hammer Down Please Bash


Hello all, been a while. I’m not sure I hit the mark with this mix, but I do have some things to tighten up still.
Let me know what you think.

If you would like to mix this song you can find it here http://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms-mtk.htm
The song is by Dark Ride; “Burning Bridges”

Thanks for the time and any comments!


Sounds like a fun one to mix!! Good job on it man!


The song is really good! I totally enjoyed it. If I was to mention anything, I probably like to hear a little more bottom and out of the guitars but if that’s not the tone you’re going for then there is no issue. Definitely a cool song


Nice! Sounds like a great track to mix. Generally sounds great… heres what stuck out for me (listening on headphones blah blah grain of salt blah blah):

  • Guitars sound really good to me… rhythms are really big, and leads sit really well in the mix. A couple of times during the verses there’s a single hard panned guitar… first time on one side then the next on the other, it feels a bit odd because there isn’t much on the opposite side to balance it out, so it sounds really weighted to one side.
  • Some of the synths I think could benefit from some added dirt, this could help them stick out in some sections, gel with the guitars in others, and really help balance out the hard-panned guitars I mention above.
  • I think the kick could use some more oomph… maybe a small boost of the fundamental, and pull out a bit of the low mids so it’s less “bouncing basketball” sounding. Just watch the interplay between the kick and the bass guitar though, as making those eq moves might require some extra attention to the overall low end of the track.
  • Snare sounds good as-is, but could be a bit fatter/rounder, that’s a subjective thing though.
  • There could be more dynamics between song sections, to help things like the chorus stand out… although it’s an interesting arrangement in that I think it’s tough to figure out what should take prominence.

Overall though it sounds really good! Thanks for sharing!


This sounds great Jerze.

I think about the only thing I would suggest that stands out to me in comparison to pro mixes of a similar genre is the kick. I think @blairhall1974 nailed it when he mentioned that it needs a little more punch in the fundamental. Just a tad more of that and I think it would be pretty damn near spot on.

Nice work!


What a big song, dude! Very serious performance, straightforward classic metal rock. Sounded like the real deal to me recordingwise, very polished, perhaps too polished, but I say that even though every track sounds clear, even with so much going on, which is quite a feat. You might try a few tweaks, and one might stand out as better, but I’d save this mix for sure.


Really nice sounding recording!

The only thing I might add is a doubled vocal on the chorus to highlight and emphasis that part.


@Farstart1Thanks for the listen. The hardest thing was battling with the kic. Bass and gt low range not sure I have the mixing environment to get it rt though LoL… or the ears.

@blairhall1974 Hey thanks for the get tips and post! I went and listened to some reference tracks and the kic is a little lite.You have some good other points I think the one I struggled with the most is as you mentioned the dynamics. I just couldn’t get the sections exactly right which is really important… anyways thanks again.

@coldroomstudio Thanks Fh I always look forward to your thoughts.

@steban thanks for the listen.I,m not sure what other tweaks I can do (any come to mind) ,but I do need to do some more work on the vocals .Thanks again for your time.

@wicked thanks for the time. As for the doubled vocal in the chorus I would have to try it ,but rt know I like the flow from the bridge section which is wider sounding and then having the chorus more straight up.


Great tune! I could stand to hear some low end bass guitar and kick though.