Hammer down, mix 4

Just had to have one more go at this

Just one thought: it would be interesting to know what you changed/removed/add/fixed from your previous to get an idea of what you expected to do with this revision… :confused:

I have various feelings on this mix and I found the overall balance not that strong during the song: on some parts I found the mix really great and powerful, on some others it feels empty to me, here I miss the kick drum, there it is way to obvious…

By the way, since the song has many different parts in it, it isn’t a straight mix I suppose.
Nice job!

Metal i find is not the easiest to mix its pretty specialist .

It’s pretty “standardize” and if you don’t apply those settings it ends odd and the band isn’t happy.
Kick drum should be like this, guitars like that, vocal with that reverb, any other option isn’t relevant. So you have to learn all of these and that way, being a specialist. At the end, it looks like a nerd thing from someone out of this world.

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