Hammer down mix 3

Had another go Hammer Down mixed by a world class mixer (cambridge-mt.com)


I’ve not heard the original but this mix is outstanding in terms of clarity, focus, movement and depth. When the kick drum goes into overdrive it is still articulate, and each element has its’ own place in the mix. Very well done.
The playing is impressive too, have to check this out further.

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Thank you for your kind words

Hi Alan, really well done, mate! Your mixes are killer these days! Very punchy and full.

If I had one criticism of your mix is the lead vocal. When he’s singing in the lower register, his vocal tends to “dwarf” the instruments - I think because of the perceived “size” I’m getting from the amount of low end in it. It’s pretty tricky to get a low register vocal to compete with big distorted guitars like that, because they are fighting for exactly the same space. I would suggest pulling some lows and low mids out of the lead vocal. Some saturation can help too.

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Just one thing I didn’t measure before: you achieve very loud mixes.
For this one, many sections are around -5 dB LUFS and the peak reaches -3 dB :exploding_head:

Congrats for being able to get this nicely!

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lol. Animal,funny enough i dont really try to get them loud .

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