Haha. I failed this music theory test

I saw this little click bait thing and decided to try it.

I knew 3 of the 20 answers. And I scored 6 out of 20 by randomly guessing 3 more of them correctly.

…by the way. I’m not a conductor. If you were ever curious what music theory can look like at the next level up, feel free to take a look (even if you don’t actually attempt it).

I got 7 correct. I knew 3 as well:)

I would have gotten several more if I’d have taken the time to jot the note names next to those pesky tenor and alto clefs. But some of the German words and like…the one that asked what an Australian 6th chord was…I wouldn’t have known that anyway lol.

as a guitar player… I say, music theory??

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I got 9. I wouldn’t have bet my life on any of my answers I gave, so I’ll say that I guessed on all of them.

C’mon! Guitar player here…


Haha! Excuse me, but Lemmy Kilmister and Mark King are bass players. And everyone knows we bass players don’t use tabs - you just tell us the root. :sunglasses:

RE: the video reminded me of a joke: How do you get a guitar player to turn down?
…you give him sheet music.

PS. I got a 5 on the quiz. 5 lucky guesses. I’m a total hack.


I wish this would work with one of my sound clients but alas, he can sight read.

Then give him some counterpoint.

If that doesn’t work, give him some figured bass.

And if he can still read that, then hand him a set of Pat Metheney solos transcribed into alto clef.

And if he can read that, then there’s a pretty damn good chance you can have a sensible conversation with him about his volume levels.

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Reminds me of Steve Vai’s audition with Frank Zappa

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Or give him some IEMs and turn the bass up to 11.