Had some fun with these stems , Cold play fix you

Good to play with.

Where did you get the stems? It’s good to see that good stems are starting to be released more regularly.

We all think this stuff is tracked so good, here is the the kick track. Shocking ?

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Lets say from a friend.Got 3 more cold play ones

I’m actually not surprised. Sounds like a mic inside a kick drum. It’s pretty rare that I hear an unprocessed kick drum that sounds good. Which is the exact reason I made Transgressor. Here’s what it sounds like after transgressor cleaning up the kick.

wow sounds great

I’d like to have a friend like that! Man, it would be a really cool learning experience to have the raw tracks to mix and compare to the official version, especially for songs that I already really like. I hope you’re having fun! :slight_smile:

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Wow!! That is seriously impressive!

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