H-U-G-E Drum sounds explained and demonstrated!

Now I know nobody in the US knows who the hell Nick Launay is or even cares, but this dude has made some incredible sounding records full of character, so give this a chance…

Check out the video from 1:18:23, he explains his approach to drum sounds.

If you’re impatient and you want to hear it, skip straight to 1hr 24mins, where he plays a demonstration of what he’s talking about.


I watched that,he is on fire .The gated rooms and all that stuff

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everything old is new again…tripping back to the 80s


Ha! So true! But it DOES sound pretty killer… Actually, it kind of sounds like Phil Collins.


Funny you should mention Phil Collins… skip the following video to 43:36 and you’ll understand why that might be the case:

I sort of rolled my eyes when he used the word bombastic, then he played the drum part and I have to agree.

Ha! How about that?