Guitar to MIDI Conversion (impressive!)

Okay. So this is impressive. Maybe I’m just late to the party (prob’ly am), but this is a new app for me, that I have not seen before. Maybe you’re all already familiar with this and will be rolling your eyes at me, but this is new to me. :slight_smile:

I just stumbled upon this today, by accident, actually: Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2. This is an app, or plugin, that converts your guitar into a polyphonic MIDI controller, in real time. Listening to some of the demos, I’m impressed. Guitar to MIDI is not new to me, per se. We’ve all seen MIDI guitars, or pickups or other hardware. This is w/o any hardware at all. $99. Very smooth, fast tracking.

I’m thinking of posts by @Cristina and others who are guitarists first and trying to add some parts on keyboard as a second instrument. Could have potential.

Look at some of the videos. Pretty impressive. AND these guys are pretty good at their crafts. There’s a lotta clips there, and for sure you might not want to listen to all of them, but do check out the first one, where he explains how he uses it live (oh, and go to 2:47 to see some pretty impressive guitar work, and note how clean the MIDI tracking is).

All of the clips were good, but I was most impressed by the Paul Driessen/Steinway piano sonata, and the Nima Rezai/Chapman stick clips.

BTW, have any of you ever heard of Nima Rezai? Or that chapman stick thing? Wow. The guy’s a freak. Very cool.

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Nice! Since I suck at keys this could be just what I need.

I remember demoing version 1 after reading a rave review in Sound On Sound many years ago and being extremely underwhelmed. From what I remember from the version 1 demo, It looks like version 2 may be a big step up.

Coolio! :sunglasses: