Grunge-Rock “Slacker”? I think not

I know we have a lot of techy computer programmer types here…I found this article on Rivers Cuomo’s other pursuits fascinating…

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Computer science is very much like music. Hidden meanings everywhere. My computer science prof always lead with the line ‘the best technology is invisible and intuitive’

I loved “Show me all ideas at 126 bpm” . I do record all my ideas on a recorder but wish I had cataloged them in a google spreadsheet with links to audio files instead. Like a search like that on an audio database of ideas. Kudos to Rivers on taking the plunge. I think everyone should get a bit geeky once in a while and take a few courses just to give that gray matter a jolt.

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Yeah, as the article says, cataloging his musical ideas has been A lifelong pursuit.

Actually, that reminds me of this Song Exploder episode where Rivers breaks down his songwriting method, which is an equally intriguing insight into his creativity: