Greets from France

Greets from France


Hi there !
I’m Moa22, i’m not pro but my passion is the music creation and production.
Work in the box (Macbook, Apollo Twin, Logic, Slate’s stuff…)
I’ll be happy to share my opinion on your work. I’m here to learn.
I’m working on a personnal project, i have to mix about 10 songs that have been recorded
during the past 2 years.
I need some advices because i feel blinded by the lack of feedback.
Today, was working on this song
Feel free to say what you think about it…


Hey there. Welcome to the forum. There is a ‘bash this recording’ section that’s specifically for the receiving critiques and constructive feedback from other fourm members. Feel free to check it out!

When you start a new thread, you can drag-drop an mp3 right into the white space where you type and the song will appear with a play button on it. Its a little easier for us. That way we don’t have to download it form the google drive.

Glad you found us! Have fun :smiley:


Good to have you here. as Jonathan mentioned once you get a few posts under your belt it would be best to repost this song in the bash this section. I enjoyed my listen to it. Nice flow and movement to the dynamics overall.


Thanks Guys


Welcome David! Good to have you here, and you have obviously found the BTR section already. After 10 posts you can post your own stuff. This forum site takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it is super fast and is designed specifically to enhance interaction between members. And this group is really superb, I think you will like it here! :vulcan:


Welcome aboard!


Bienvenue Moa22! Looking forward to hear your stuff, post it in the BTR section when ready, and we’ll all try to help you get it to the next level! :smile:


Je vous souhaite tout le lait de chaton! @Moa22. Welcome!


Welcome Moa!


Hi ! Where from France?


From Plouer sur Rance, not far from Saint-Malo.


Is it coming right from Google Translate?? I didn’t get it :confused:

No problem there with Marcel, Liev or Kurt?


Great to have you here! Music sounds great too. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. Welcome!!