Greetings! Old/new member

Hey all! Just joined and looking to start posting so figure I’d start with an introduction. Long time musician (primarily guitar player) and home recorder, although for awhile my focus shifted to bands/playing/writing and my recording has been limited to scratch tracks and demos. However I am looking to get back into serious recording/mixing mode and push myself to get as close to professional sounding as possible for a new solo metal project and to help my band. I used to be a member on the old recording review forums a long time ago and I remember it being a great place for tips and feedback so that is the first place I looked up which brought me here! Looking forward to getting involved and will have some music to share as well.


Welcome back, look forward to reading you around.

Hi Thomas, and welcome (back)!

Welcome Thomas! Glad to have you aboard! :+1:

Welkom mate! Also working on a solo metal project atm :blush:. Curious to hear what you’re up to, and how you’re doing it.

Right on! Likewise

Thanks all

Welcome back, have some fun here.