Greetings from the Jersey Shore

Hi Folks…
I’m a drummer who plays bass, a violinmaker who builds guitars and have an accounting degree from music/audio school… :slight_smile:
But mostly, I am a musician and music lover who tends to pay attention (and hungers for) every infinitesimal detail in any of my pursuits.
I started recording with a battery operated cassette deck and moved onto 8 track… No… not 8 track 1"… an 8 track tape recorder in a radio shack home stereo. Eventually went to a 1/4’ reel to reel that I modded to disable the record/erase head on either channel. That was a challenge as the overdubs were never in sync… Moved to a 4 track cassette system and had a mobile recording service where I recorded demos and gigs for local bands. I even had one of the akai VHS multitrack recorders that never worked. Along the way I finally got to 24 track 2" in school and internships and worked in a 16 track studio with 2 linked 1" 8 tracks. Then life took over and I changed careers to musical instrument repair. Eventually that led to executive positions and building a semi-proper studio in my home. So about 15 years ago, I finally went digital and bought a Tascam 24 track. No more razor blades and “tails-outing”… but I still needed tactile faders and knobs. I had messed with protools, Cubase, cooledit, and a few other daws over the years. But thought it was not for me. Then 5-6 years ago, my wife got me a pretty nice laptop. I was messing with amp sims and such on my iphone (3g) and just wanted something to quickly check a customers axe on the fly when I realized that there were more possibilities with the laptop. I got PT le with one interface and studio one with another. But I ended up BUYING reaper for my main daw.
I will probably never look back to tape. With the flexability of reaper’s routing and customizable features, I can run it like any console/patchbay/tape machine that I ever encountered. Or… I can do things that are near impossible with a traditional arrangement. Yup… I’m never going back…
end of novel… :slight_smile:


Awesome to have you here! Looking forward to checking out your work. Let us know if you have ANY questions :+1:

Thanks buddy!

Hi there - Welcome!
What a cool intro… gawd, it took me right back in time with all that splicing and a-dicing :smile:

Funny, my story was a bit similar in that I was never going to record stuff again and then my husband decided to buy me a cheap and easy interface but he ended up buying me a less cheap and far-more-complicated interface that sat in the box for over a year until I felt so guilty I had to try to figure out how to use it. And it was a stinker to learn… so very many issues/incompatibilities…etc… well, by the time I’d figured out the blasted manual, I was hooked… :slight_smile:


Welcome Rich! Thanks for the great intro. Sounds like you have a lot to offer and will fit right in with this group. :beers:

Welcome to the community @rjwillow ! Hell of a progression with technology, glad you have found a system that works for you. Share in the discussions around here and we do have a mix competition going on :

Way cool. So glad you found us. And I’m sure you’ll fit right in!!

You went to a music school and ended up with an accounting degree from the music school? What school was that?

…its not uncommon. I’ve know people that went to U of M, IU, and Berkley and ended up with a J.D…and two that ended up finding they weren’t good enough to cut it in music, but smart enough to make use of an MBA and still stay involved at a music industry level.

Hey man…not sure if you’re north or south J, but I’m in south in between Philly and Atlantic City! Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:


Welcome Rich - Great backstory! Good to have you here!

Yup… I went to 5 towns back in 84. They owed me $$ from my scholarships and loans. So I took a ton of extra courses. When I was done I had my pick of degrees. An audio degree would be met with " can you sweep a floor?" and a Music Business degree would be met with " Can you get coffee?"
So I opted for the accounting degree… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks a bunch…
I actually built an interface at first for the iphone, then tried to get it to work on the laptop. Then I bought a $10 interface on ebay and had to tweak the computer so much to get the drivers to work that it wasn’t worth it. Mind you… all I wanted was to use amp sims and such. When the “good” interface ended up coming with DAW software demos, the light bulb lit up… Now I’m 100% in the box for good…
Just the “rewind time” is a good enough argument for me. I still have plenty of china markers around though…
have fun

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great intro thanks for the information @rjwillow.
welcome to you as well @Danny_Danzi nice to have you join us here.

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Yup… I found this place thru Boz…

Yeah, a big howdy to @Danny_Danzi too! Howdy man, long time! Glad you made it over here. :fireworks:

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Thanks…howdy guys! :slight_smile:

Hey Danny - get your own intro thread dude! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I kid - good to hear from you again… (Oh…I’m ex-fHumble BTW)

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Reaper ftw

I have to keep reminding myself that ftw does not = wtf :slight_smile: I tend to use both to mean the latter…
So I guess you are a fan…
have fun

only DAW ive ever used lol. 99% chance it will stay that way