Greetings from Philly

Some of you may remember me from a while back at RecordingReview. After a two-year hiatus from all aspects of audio recording (-apparently distracted by my other passion, photography!) I’m now getting back into recording. Honestly, it feels strange pulling my old gear out of storage, dusting it off, and now trying to recall how I did stuff. It’s almost like I’m back at beginner level. But I’m certainly looking forward to recording, and I don’t think it will take all too long until I’ve returned to where I once left off. Perhaps even a bit more wiser.


Welcome back!

Great to have you here! Welcome back! Some of it will definitely come back to you and you’ll probably find some new tricks along the way

Welcome (back) Rook! Looking forward to helping you shake off the dust!

@Rook Welcome back home! Glad you still find interest with this stuff.

I have good friends visiting me from Philly (Manayunk) in April!

Welcome back.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

Hi… I remember you!
Manayunk has a very happening live music scene and plenty of awesome bars and restaurants. Nice place to hang out. I used to take the train to Manayunk all the time when one of my friends lived there. I’m sure your friends will have plenty of stories for you when they visit in April.

Welcome!! I am a newcomer as of 5 minutes ago! :grin:

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Welcome. I look forward to reading you around.