Greetings from Knoxville TN

Greetings from Knoxville Tennessee. I’ve been playing music for close to 30 years and I’m currently in a few bands. One of which I’m the primary songwriter for (riff rock sort of band) And lately I’ve been getting stuck in my songwriting. So I’m hoping that by joining a forum like this, it’ll help spark some creativity. And I’d also love feedback and suggestions.
Thanks for having me


Welcome aboard - Glad you found us.

Hi bb Had to look up riff rock = music that’s built around single-note riffs .

Is that like stones satisfaction? I am 73 and don’t have a clue about new.

Anyway welcome. Love a sax. I sill play in a band and our lead singer plays the sax. Doesn’t even need a mic. ha ha The intro to turn the page he just smokes. also a song called wolly bully. ha ha and mustang sally etc

Hi @bbottom and welcome to IRD!

Hopefully we can help in some way.

Feel free to tell us more about yourself and post links to some of your music.

Hey man! Glad to have you!

Welcome aboard! Great to have you here. I’m anxious to hear your music and hopefully we can all learn from each other. Thats the whole idea :slight_smile:

Hi bbottom,
Glad you have found this forum.
I hope you will have a great time, and a productive one at that!!!
Enjoy, and welcome aboard!!!

Hey mate and welcome.

Please post a link to the riff rock band when you get a chance. I’d love to check them out.
Welcome aboard.

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