Greetings everyone!

Hi all,

I’m a French expat living in San Francisco. I used to be in a band way back when and trying to shake the dust off by getting back into songwriting. Also trying to learn the magic of home recording and Logic Pro in my spare time.

My main influences are indie pop/rock with touches of electronic (Radiohead, The National, Syd Matters, LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack…).

Looking forward to ‘hearing’ from you all!



Eh man! Welcome to the forum. Logic Pro is still a great software to use for recording :slight_smile:

Glad to have ya!

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Welcome! Awesome to have you here. Looking forward to hearing your work!!

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Hi Temp I am the old guy here. Folks are super nice here and big time knowledgeable :slight_smile: Can’t wait to hear some of your stuff. Welcome

Hi Greg, welcome to the madness! Feel free to post a link to any music you have done in this thread. If you have any productions/mixes you need to get some outside perspective on, head on over here:

Greetings! Glad you found us, and happy to have you in the group. Hope you have fun with this wacky bunch!

Welcome Greg, dive in read, listen, ask, respond, repeat. The best thing about this forum is if you take a little time to invest into it you can be inspired and challenged in return. I look forward to reading you around.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I can’t wait to hear your music, share mine (although I’m terrified) and learn from you all.

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I was exactly the same when I first joined this group… really nervous about sharing my stuff. Turned out, I had really good reason to be nervous, because it was really terrible!! But I’ve learned so much from folks here… I’m sure you’ll find it helpful too. :slight_smile:


No need to be scared! This whole group is awesome. We all have the same goal to help each other create good music.


Welcome to the forum, glad you found us.

Ah I was going to say “welcome to the forum” on your other thread, but I wasn’t totally sure if you were new or not and just saw this one. :slight_smile: Anyway welcome!

Wasn’t sure if you noticed already, but we have a mix contest going on right now that you’re welcome to jump into!

Thanks @holster. I’ll take a look and jump in if I can.