Green blue red amp character

Does any have an explanation of what the general idea behind the differences is? There are lots of amps which have some or all of these, and ofcourse I hear the differens but is there some explanation so I can make sense of the toughtprocess :blush:? Dunno how to google this.

What are you talking about?

Green, blue, gold and cream are colors of celestion speakers.

Green - hyped mids
Blue - Can’t remember (but I have one in my Matchless)
Gold - transparent and clear
Cream - vintage, dirty, but somewhat scooped

Green/Blue, orange, and red LED’s are typically used to identify channels, progressively from clean, to crunch, to high gain.

I think I found the answer while looking for an example :smiley:
Its what you are saying actually. Its the preamp circuit I was talking about it seems.

Scroll down a bit.

How should I google this to know more about this cause I’m not getting much luck. Not sure how to put the question down in google, my english is limitted.

I don’t think there’s any standardized meaning to the colors on that thing. It’s more a limitation of the physical interface, and colored LEDs were the easiest way to give some sort of visual feedback.

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Could be just that indeed. Just wondering if there is some consistency :slight_smile: