Grandma's Hands, by Bill Withers 1971

“Grandma’s Hands” is a song written by Bill Withers about his grandmother. It was included on his first album Just as I Am (1971), and was released as a single.

Withers’ maternal grandfather, Gracchus Monroe Galloway (1855–1937), had been born into slavery. In his youth, Withers attended church with his maternal grandmother, Lula (1868–1953), where she would sing and clap along with the hymns. He later said: "It was spontaneous singing, there was nothing programmed. People got up and sang and everybody would join in. It was my favorite kind of singing.

Dedicated to all grandmothers, and for all of us who remember our “Lola”.
We love you and always honor your name and remembrance!

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wierd chord at 18 seconds. ha ha Never heard this song before. Love the low hum at 1:03 ish.
Ok, great guitar work and singing. Not a fan of grandma’s hands. She used to place a bar of soap in my mouth…those hands. Of course i didn’t have it coming.

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the consistent support, and I do appreciate it very much!!!
Your outstanding participation and inspiration is so helpful, and is promoting a strong community for all of us!!!
Sorry to hear about the soap!
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This is very well done @ReneAsologuitar , well played and sung and I appreciate this great song that I have either forgotten or never heard before.

I don’t comment much on IRD so I haven’t commented on your posts either but unless you have a technical problem or do an original there’s not much I can say. Your approach is great but it’s kind of all the same. It’s certainly good when you include your daughter for instance but I keep hoping to see something different?

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Hi @ingolee ,
Love to hear from you, always.
And your feedback is much appreciated.
Changing it up, makes sense.
This Bill Withers song is a song I have not heard of before either, and is a product of forum involvement, and I am so happy to have been involved as well.
My brand of music is acoustic guitar, and covering all kinds of genre is one way, but I see what you are saying. When I find the opportunity, I will try to mop some salsa on the menu, hahahaha.
I also got distracted, and have not been doing originals, which I should be more focused on doing, maybe just having fun and relaxation for a bit.
You are so loved and always a treat to hear from, my friend!!!
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