Got offered to run sound at whooping $16/hr

Seriously…I was about to fall off my chair laughing. They were decent enough to tell me before I made the 45minute trip to the venue, so that at least was good.

I dunno mate, you have to decide how many people are coming thru the door… $50 for 3 hrs isn’t too bad, if only 150 pay the door charge. If its nearer 600, then that maybe different… you decide.

$100/gig is a standard in the US, Ive done that for venues of 600+

Its not a bad thing… but not getting the next gig is usually considered a bad thing. :wink:

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I guess I got spoiled on the studio side of things. That venue actually has more of an upscale performer type so I def. think they were shortchanging at $16/hr, especially considering that $15/hr is minimum wage in California and a dumb as nails secretary usually starts around $20/hr.

Thats true, but the secretary that earns $160 /day effectively makes her entire days’ money within the first hour when she answers the phone for a lawyer or other business that actually makes money.

The ‘upscale performer’ thing can often become a negative or loss leader, in small venues, as its priced competitively to sell out but often doesn’t: due to comps and other contractual riders, etc… so can frequently make a slight loss.

However, there is usually a benefit to being the guy getting those gigs, regardless of the payscale. :slight_smile:

You’re right…the benefits are numerous…instead of opening for Saxon, Accept or some other known band, you’re running sound. Oh yeah, also forget about major Holidays, you behind the board. If it was living wage, I’ll do it, but I’ve scratched that itch so I pass.

I got offered a sound gig a couple months ago. They requested my full sound & light system plus one engineer. The gig was an hour from here. They offered to pay me $70 for the night. I politely turned them down.

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I don’t know what’s the cure as I see bars or our kind of bars where you can see live music closing…but when things were happening I remember places would get top talent (local) and pay properly. Places used to pay $250-$300 per band for 45 minute gig original music and were packed.

For that kind of peanuts…like Al mention, might as well politely decline.

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