Got a new keybaord last week ~ AND I LOVE IT!

Got a new Corsair keyboard… liked it so much I grabbed the mouse and mousepad with it.

(Below) Google chrome theme. They keyboard/mouse/mousepad are application aware, meaning they update with the assigned color scheme, as soon as you click on say… Pro tools. Then you can customize functions for that specific app

I do a good bit of work numbers these days… I love this mouse!

I configured the color schemes to match the apps… the orange is for postman… it’s a software program that tests web API’s. You can’t tell from that particular screen, but it has a ton of orange, so I made the keyboard match when that specific app is open :slight_smile:

neat how it works.


Is that a mechanical keyboard? They only reason I don’t want one of those is because I don’t want the sound of me pushing the spacebar leaking into my recordings so much.

It is… there’s 3 different version of that keyboard… I got the one that’s the quietest of the 3. Its at home now (because the medical office at the software company I’m working for) made me quarantine (I probably have COVID).

But when this is all over with and stuff goes back to normal, I’m hoping the cubicle walls where my desk is in the office can contain the racket this keyboard makes just enough to not drive the girl in the cubicle next me insane.

I’d be really hard to use this in the studio… because the little ledge on the end of the mixing console is just barely big enough for a stock apple keyboard. I got it mainly for setting up macros and keyswitch scenes for IDE’s and browsers.