Got a forum challange..sing and when I die two lines just a vocal..blood sweat and tears..woops

Thought it would be cool to just belt these few words without any accompaniment. Always love these powerful lines. there are many here who can do this justice. not exactly sure of the wording. try it now out loud if you can remember it. hold some of the notes and let er rip. no I haven’t been drinking

And when I die…and when I’m oh so dead and gone
There’ll be one child born…in this a world…to carry on…carry on…kertunk

post or not, but send me a pm if you try it please …ha ha

…um… Isn’t that Blood Sweat & Tears?

…anyhow, here’s one I prepared earlier:


Laura Nyro wrote it.

Peter Paul & Mary recorded it first, apparently.

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Wow that chorus is killer. I don’t know if I have heard this before. Fantastic song. ha ha All I asked for was a lone vocal, but this is a whole lot better. Yes it is blood sweat and tears. thanks for this Andy.


Also, I might include the line “Give me my freedom for as long as I be
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me” as a segway.
I am in Minneapolis with no equipment. After I set up my studio next week in Texas, I will sing this.
Secondly, I will include a second track using melodyne to fix the mutt notes.
Hopefully I can upload the notes as they sit in the melodyne screen shot and show where I am off on the pitch. Usually, as of late, most are slightly flat and some worse. I hear soooo many songs that would sound so much better with just a little tweek. happy new year everyone

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