Got a couple of plugs a month back in one of the Plugin Alliance sales

The Lindel 80 ( which is a Neve channel strip and a separate bus amp plugin) and the Bx Focusrite channel strip.

Has anyone else tried them?

I’m really, really impressed. The Neve preamp model saturates better than anything else I’ve used, so that I actually enjoy using it to crunch things up without feeling like it’s doing more harm than good.

I’m tending to add the Lindell 80 channel strip to everything as I record, and set it like I would if I was recording through a desk - just subtle eq shaping, HP and LP filters if it feels appropriate, and a couple of dB compression on stuff that definitely needs compression. And it’s great - projects feel that much easier to put together with some subtle tone shaping as I go along, it’s easier to get excited about stuff and judge the sound of overdubs in some kind of context as things get added.

Then the Focusrite is more transparent, and the EQ more flexible, so I’m using that afterwards like a mixing desk. I think there’s an advantage to having the same eq available on every track from a workflow perspective.

Anyways… I’m impressed. I didn’t give Plugin Alliance the time of day before.


This is a timely post. I tried out the Lindell 80 a while ago on my drum bus and loved it - then moved on for some reason. (??)

I recently replaced my DAW PC and haven’t done any recording yet with my new setup. So I was just looking through plugins last night trying to find a good recording chain for my bass. I’ll definitely give this a try tonight!

Hmm I will have to give it a go. I got the plugin alliance subscription but there are so many plugins that I have only really tried out 3 or so to this point. thanks for sharing.

@redworks Vertigo VSM2 :sunglasses:

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